Sposabella Couture NYC´s longest standing shop for specialty laces and other fabrics

Silk taffeta – 100 % silk, crisp, low sheen with a body but lightweight. Makes a lovely and wonderful skirt and equally shows well as shawls and sashes. Princess Diana’s dress was made out of yards and yards of silk taffeta. Where the style was present for the time…..it was still luxurious and beautiful. Fabric made in France.

Silk Satin or also known as Peau-de-Soie – 100% silk, heavier silk with a higher sheen with a wonderful body. High-quality silk never has to shine. Makes for glorious skirts, shawls, and sashes. Silk satin is a favorite among Couture Designers for luxurious Wedding Gowns and Evening wear. Fabric made in France.

Silk Organza – Lightweight 100% silk with a nice body. Makes for a lovely overskirt and shawls. Silk organza is used in many designer bridal gown, as well as Ballet costumes. Fabric made in France.

Silk Satin Organza – This fabric, 100% silk is a bit stiffer than regular organza. Also has more of sheen. This makes for a lovely skirt, cover-ups, and shawls that has body and glamour. Made in France.

Silk Chiffon – Light flowy and see through. Makes for a lovely, drapey skirt that has a ballerina feel. Also makes lovely shawls. 100% silk, made in France.

Silk Georgette – A little more body than silk chiffon and more opaque that allows for a forgiving fit. Wonderful underlining to give enough coverage, combined with lace to still allow for a feminine and timeless feel. 100% silk. Made in France

Stretch Satin – Wonderful body with a bit of stretch. Makes for an effortless top that has shape and allows for a figure forming classic look. Made in Franc3

Chantilly Lace – Authentic Chantilly lace, a lighter weight lace that has enough body to allow for an extremely feminine look. This Lace is a handmade lace named after the city of Chantilly in a small town North of Paris France.

Alencon Lace – Authentic Alencon Lace that is a corded Lace made in Alencon, France, considered the “Queen of Lace”. It is classic and timeless. More body and this Lace is very becoming to one’s figure.

Silk Faille – 100% silk with a slight grain. Low sheen with a great body for pleated skirts. Silk Faille allows for lovely structure in a garment and is an old-time favorite from all top designers. Makes for a gorgeous skirt for Bridal and Evening wear. Fabric made in France

Many companies state that their Chantilly or Alencon lace is authentic. Inexpensive designs that claim that they are using the above laces is FALSE. French laces come in 5-5.50 yard strips if your strip is 3-3.50 yards it is not authentic French lace.

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