Sposabella Couture NYC´s longest standing shop for specialty laces and other fabrics

Sposabella Lace is here to help and advice all fashion design students be it from across the city or across the ocean.  We know that starting off as a fashion student is exciting and at the same time scary, especially with the lack of fabric and lace stores in many areas.  Our store is a regular destination for many designers; not just from NY and the rest of the country but international as well.  We offer exclusive in-store prices for fashion students that almost match our wholesale prices.  
We also offer an online student discount code.  In order to get said code just send us an email at Sposabellalace@aol.com with the subject line "Student Discount".  Also, please include in the email the full name, school you are attending, year you are currently in and fashion design specialty and we will provide you with the code to access our Student Discount.